Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic
Intelligent Humanoid Robotic

Intelligent Humanoid Robotic

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About the product:

  • Robotic stands 16" inches tall and features 16 advanced digital servos that enable your robot to perform incredible movments at Lightning speed;Speaker:3W mono speaker.
  • Humanoid Design:Equipped with movable helmet, flexible arm and led light at the eyes. Move in all directions, Turn Right, Turn Left, Forward & Backward. Walking mode and sliding mode.
  • Vox Function:After turn on the robot, clap for it,and it Can control its flexible arm easily by Left Hand Up/Hand Down, Right Hand Up/Hand Down.Also can shoot in a fixed direction and randomly fight, sing, dance and etc.
  • Quality Assurance:Matte ABS plastic is used for Intelligent Humanoid Robotic's body, which is environmentally friendly and smooth to the touch. This material provides a superior drop resistance, so you won't need to worry if it accidentally falls to the ground.
  • It is so much more than a tech toy:his personality, life-like movements and energy make him feel like the newest member of the family.

Full of fun, attitude, and personality

With its humanoid design, the Intelligent Humanoid Robotic will feel like a companion. It has 16 movable joints throughout its body. It can move, dance and fight among countless other skills. These abilities are performed with servos that have a timing accuracy within 0.01s.They support 360° rotation, and can move with accuracy to 1° thereby, achieving more actions and functional scenarios.


Robotic Engine - Servo

Our servo is engineered with a built-in MCU, self-controlled, and sensory feedback system. This improves the flow of movement to be more precise. Our robotic engine has the most advanced technology in the robotics industry.

Workout Together

Intelligent Humanoid Robotic is more than a companion, it's also a workout buddy. It can do yoga moves with you, and can also do work out exercises like push-ups and headstands. Turn it into a soccer player and kung fu master.



  • 3D visualization (PC) and action editing software
  • Exceptionally high power core and digital servos that enable precision movements with absolute control.
  • 16 movable joints/servos placed all over the body making the robot highly flexible with incredibly human-like movements..
  • Short charging time for battery, long run after each charge.
  • Sensors fixed in arms and legs in order to prevent jamming while in motion.


  • Dimension: H:398mm W:208mm D:122mm
  • Degree of freedom: 16 degrees of freedom
  • Material: Aluminum alloy structure, ABS housing
  • Speaker: 3W Mono
  • Processor: STM32-F103RDT6
  • External storage: Standard 128M, maximum support up to 32G
  • Control mode: Dual-mode Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR
  • Battery: 7.4v 2200m Lipoly
  • Play time: ≥60min/time
  • Compatible systems: Windows/iOS/Android
  • Software programming: Achieving the analogue simulation based on 3D visual PC software